A Step-by-Step Guide to Buy Local Qatar Products on BigTrader App

In the vibrant nation of Qatar, the "My Qatar My Pride" campaign has taken center stage. It advocates for the support of local businesses and the promotion (buy local) of domestic products. An integral part of this movement is the BigTrader App – a dynamic platform designed to celebrate and facilitate the purchase of homegrown products. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the core aspects of the "My Qatar My Pride" campaign, introduce the power-packed BigTrader App, and walk you through the step-by-step process of acquiring local Qatar products through this innovative digital marketplace.

Understanding the “My Qatar My Pride” Campaign

The "My Qatar My Pride" campaign stands as a testament to Qatar's commitment to nurturing local businesses and strengthening its economy from within. At its heart lies the drive to bolster domestic entrepreneurship, showcasing the nation's rich culture and diverse offerings to the world. 

Moreover, by purchasing local products, you play an active role in supporting the aspirations of Qatari entrepreneurs, fostering economic growth, and preserving the distinctive essence of Qatar.

The Power of BigTrader App

Central to the "My Qatar My Pride" campaign is the BigTrader App, an intuitive e-commerce platform that seamlessly integrates technology with the ethos of the campaign. This user-friendly application serves as a virtual marketplace dedicated to the promotion of local goods and services. 

My Qatar My Pride Campaign Supported By BigTrader Technologies LLC (BigTrader App)

For entrepreneurs, it opens doors to a broader customer base, increased visibility, and the potential for exponential growth. For consumers, it offers a curated selection of local products and services, enriching their lives while also fostering a sense of connection to the community.

Moreover, the app champions the idea of businesses supporting businesses. It encourages local enterprises to not only sell their offerings on the platform but also to actively seek out and purchase local products and services themselves. This circular ecosystem amplifies local economic activity, strengthening the economic fabric of Qatar and ensuring its self-sufficiency.

In essence, the BigTrader App isn't just a transactional platform; it's a movement in itself. A movement that champions local businesses, fosters unity, and ensures that the principles of the "My Qatar My Pride" campaign are not just spoken but lived. It stands as a testament to the potential that technology, harnessed for a noble cause, can unleash.

As you engage with the BigTrader App, you're not merely participating in a digital transaction; you're becoming an advocate for local pride, a patron of local businesses, and a champion of Qatar's economic resilience.

Every click, every purchase, and every engagement on the app contributes to the living tapestry of the "My Qatar My Pride" campaign. It is ensuring that its vision transcends words and takes root in the very fabric of Qatar's economic and cultural landscape.

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Ever wished for a way to bring a piece of Qatar's vibrant culture and entrepreneurial spirit right to your fingertips? Look no further – the BigTrader App is your ticket to a digital marketplace that's buzzing with local pride. In this guide, we're about to unfold the journey that takes you from exploring unique Qatar-made products to making them your own, all while championing the essence of the "My Qatar My Pride" campaign.

From the moment you start browsing to the exhilarating click of the "Buy Now" button, we're here to guide you through each exciting phase. This isn't just an ordinary shopping experience; it's an adventure in supporting local businesses, boosting the economy, and being part of something that celebrates Qatar's ingenuity.

So, let's embark on this journey together and learn how to navigate the BigTrader App, discover remarkable local finds, and contribute to the tapestry of Qatar's entrepreneurial dreams. Get ready to shop, connect, and be a part of the movement that's making waves in the world of local Qatar products!

1. Download and Install the App

Embark on your journey to support local by downloading the BigTrader App, available on major app stores. Installing the app on your device is a straightforward process that sets the stage for your engagement with local businesses.

The seller can also register their account using the BigTrader App. Then, they can log in to the seller dashboard (web portal) to manage their product listings and services.

Android feature graphic (3)

2. Creating Your Account

Upon installation, create your account on the app. Accuracy in providing personal information ensures smooth transactions and timely deliveries, aligning with the transparency that the campaign advocates for.

Every registered account goes through verification to ensure genuine and verified Buyer and seller profiles on the BigTrader App. After verification, users will get login credentials to their registered email address.

Buyers can log in on the App using their credentials and sellers can log in on the seller dashboard (web portal) using their credentials.

Find Verified wholesale suppliers in Qatar - BigTrader App (3)

3. Navigating the App

The app boasts a user-friendly interface, categorized meticulously to enhance your shopping experience.

Users can easily explore products “by Category” and “by country” within the app. Also, there are filters available to refine your product search by seller names, locations, price ranges, brands, and product categories.

For instance, users can refine products by selecting Qatar country as the location and/or selecting a particular local seller to buy local goods.

Apart from exploring local products, users can easily negotiate and chat with sellers within the app.

For example, you can submit your targeted price for a targeted quantity for a particular product. Then initiate a chat with the seller by going to the “Enquiry” tab in the “Chat & Support” section, where you can see your submitted negotiation inquiry.

Tap on that inquiry and you will get to see the chat screen. Users can also exchange required documents using chat functionality.

Filter Products On Bigtrader to find local products
Negotiate and Chat with seller - buy local products

Not only this but also you can switch to other sections of the Bigtrader app like “Buy Global” and “Buy Service” from the side menu.

Switch from buy local to buy global & services

4. Exploring Local Products

Unveil a world of local products through the app's tags and labels. By leveraging these markers, you can easily identify products that proudly bear the stamp of Qatar's ingenuity and craftsmanship.

User can get to see shipping information on every product detail page to ensure location and origin of products.

Shipping Information - location

5. Product Details and Reviews

Immerse yourself in comprehensive product details complemented by high-quality images. Enhance your shopping confidence by perusing reviews and ratings from fellow buyers, fostering a sense of community within the app.

In other hand, buyer can explore seller profile and can find their product listing there with reviews.

Local Seller reviews & Product listings

6. Adding to Cart and Checkout

Selecting products that resonate with you is a breeze. Add them to your cart and navigate through the secure checkout process, which offers a range of convenient payment methods like COD and Other online payments (coming soon) for your ease.

My Cart - BigTrader App

7. Delivery and Support

Get order status and delivery notifications inside the app and through email. In case of inquiries or concerns, the app's customer support is readily available to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

delivery & support on BigTrader App

Contributing to “My Qatar My Pride”

By purchasing local Qatar products through the BigTrader App, you actively contribute to the realization of the "My Qatar My Pride" campaign's aspirations. Your support reverberates through the economy, directly empowering local entrepreneurs and propelling Qatar's economic landscape towards sustainable growth.

To understand the process visually, Watch How to Buy Local Products On BigTrader App, Click here

Wrapping Up

As we conclude our journey through this step-by-step guide, the significance of your role in the "My Qatar My Pride" campaign cannot be overstated. With the BigTrader App as your gateway, you possess the power to support local businesses, fortify the nation's economy, and be an embodiment of the campaign's ideals.

Let us stand united in celebrating the essence of Qatar and shaping its future, one local product at a time. Download the BigTrader App today and embark on a journey that resonates with pride, support, and progress.

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