Join BigTrader as a Seller: Easy Registration and Start Selling Today

Tap into a world of opportunities!

BigTrader Seller Portal

Join BigTrader as a Seller: Easy Registration and Start Selling Today

Tap into a world of opportunities!

BigTrader Seller Portal

Why Choose BigTrader as Your Selling Platform?

1. Wide Customer Base: Gain access to a broad and diverse customer base, increasing your potential for sales and growth.

2. Secure Payment Processing: Enjoy the peace of mind of secure and efficient payment processing, ensuring your earnings are protected.

3. Marketing Support: Receive valuable marketing support to help your products or services stand out and attract more customers.

4. Easy To Use: Engage with potential buyers through the intuitive user-centric interface.

5. Grow Sale: Respond to RFQ promptly, increasing your chances of securing orders!

6. Chat & Negotiate: Enhance your sales strategy by leveraging chat and negotiation tool. 

Selling on BigTrader not only provides a platform to showcase your offerings but also offers a range of valuable resources and support to help you thrive in the e-commerce landscape.

Creating BigTrader Seller Account

Simple Registration Process

Selling on BigTrader is a straightforward process, and you can begin by registering through the BigTrader app or our website. Here's how to get started:


Download the App:

Visit to download BigTrader App and begin the BigTrader seller registration. Our App is also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Seller registration on BigTrader app

Fill in Your Details:

Once you have the app, start your journey by providing the following details in the registration form:

1. Company Name

2. Select either "Service" or "Product"

3. If you choose "Service," select your specific service from the list provided. For "Product," indicate your business type: local or international.

4. Next, select your business category and, based on that, specify your sub-business category.

5. Enter your personal information, including your first name, last name, mobile number, address, country, and postcode/zip code.

Next Screen:

Click "Next" to proceed to the next screen of registration, where you will need to provide additional company details:

1. Company Telephone Number

2. Email Address

3. Create a secure password for your profile and confirm it.

4. Optionally, upload important documents such as your CR copy, trade license, or GST information.

5. You will see an option to confirm your eligibility for a VAT certificate. If you're eligible, provide your VAT/tax registration number and upload the necessary certificate.

Agree to Terms:

To complete your registration, review and agree to our user terms & conditions and privacy policy. Make sure to check the box indicating your acceptance.

Create Your Account:

Finally, click "Create Now" to submit your registration. Your seller profile will undergo a verification process, which typically takes two days.

Access Your Account:

Once your seller profile is verified, you'll receive your seller account credentials via email. You can then log in as a seller on the BigTrader Seller Web Portal at

We're Here to Help

Customer Support:


PH: +974 -55568329

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BigTrader App customer support

Start Your Journey with BigTrader Today!

Download BigTrader App Now!  BigTrader App Download on Google store (1) BigTrader App Download on Apple store (1)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is seller account free?

Yes, creating a seller account on BigTrader App is absolutely free. We believe in providing accessible opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Start your journey on BigTrader today without any upfront costs and explore the benefits of our platform to boost your B2B sales.

What is BigTrader seller account?

The BigTrader seller account is a dedicated platform for businesses looking to expand their reach in the B2B marketplace. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features designed to empower sellers in managing their products, connecting with potential buyers, and streamlining the sales process. By creating a BigTrader seller account, businesses gain access to a user-friendly interface, real-time analytics, and a vast network of potential clients, all aimed at enhancing their online presence and driving B2B success.

How can I activate BigTrader seller account?
Please follow these simple steps:
1. Download the Official BigTrader App - A B2b Marketplace.
2. Go to "Seller" Registration Tab.
3. Fill All Required Seller & Company Profile detail.
4. Agree to Terms and Conditions.
5. Tap on Submit.
It will take 1 to 2 business day to get verify your account details and then you will receive your activated seller account credentials.


Is selling on BigTrader easy?

Yes, selling on BigTrader is designed to be user-friendly. The platform offers a straightforward interface, clear guidelines, and helpful support to make the selling process easy for businesses of all sizes.