BigTrader is an Online B2B platform in Qatar. We provide an Online platform serving as a marketplace for connecting suppliers and buyers in Qatar to sell and promote their products.

BigTrader - about us

Our Diverse Segments

At BigTrader, we offer a diverse range of segments designed to meet the unique needs of businesses across Qatar:

1. Buy Local: Within our "Buy Local" segment, we proudly showcase the rich tapestry of Qatari products. Buyers have the opportunity to explore and source high-quality local products that not only support local businesses but also exemplify the quality and craftsmanship that Qatar has to offer. We believe in fostering economic growth right here at home.


2. Buy Global: Our "Buy Global" segment opens the doors to international trade. Buyers can initiate global transactions by submitting RFQs (Requests for Quotation). This process allows buyers to receive multiple quotes from vendors, providing them with a broader array of choices and opportunities. At BigTrader, we believe in the power of global commerce.


3. Buy Services: In the "Buy Services" segment, we go beyond products and cater to the holistic needs of businesses. Here, buyers can find an array of services, including logistics solutions, trade finance assistance, and private label services. We understand that business success often relies on these critical supporting services, and we're here to connect buyers with the right solutions.

Why Choose BigTrader?

  • Local and Global Reach: BigTrader bridges the gap between local and international trade, offering buyers an extensive array of products and services from both near and far. Our platform is a one-stop destination for businesses looking to expand their horizons.


  • Streamlined Procurement: We've simplified the procurement process, ensuring that buyers and suppliers can engage in transactions with ease and efficiency. This streamlining not only saves time but also reduces complexities in trade operations.


  • Supportive Services: Beyond our product listings, we understand the importance of services such as logistics and trade finance. By offering these services through our platform, we contribute to a more comprehensive and efficient trade ecosystem.


Our company vision is to establish an online marketplace that helps simplify the buying process for retailers and institutions.


Our platform would strive to provide the best technology platform providing the highest quality service low-cost operation & enhanced customer service, all while adapting to local market needs.